Dorothy Moses Schulz

Dorothy Moses Schulz, Ph.D., is an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute, an emerita professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, and a retired MTA-Metro North Railroad Police captain. She has also served as a safety and security consultant to transit agencies across the country.


Dr. Schulz is a retired captain with the Metro-North Commuter Railroad Police Department and its predecessor railroad, Conrail. She is the author of Breaking the Brass Ceiling: Women Police Chiefs and their Paths to the Top (Praeger, 2004) and From Social Worker to Crimefighter: Women in United States Municipal Policing (Praeger, 1995).


Dr. Schulz received a BA in Journalism from New York University, an MA in Criminal Justice from the John Jay College, and a doctorate in American Studies from New York University. She is a life member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and has worked with the Federal Transit Administration on managing the safety and security of new and existing transit systems.