Daniel Di Martino

Daniel Di Martino is a PhD candidate in Economics at Columbia University and a Graduate Fellow at the Manhattan Institute — where he focuses on high-skill immigration policy. Born and raised in Venezuela, Di Martino experienced the terrible consequences of socialism firsthand. After leaving Venezuela for the United States in 2016, he dedicated himself to explaining how socialism destroyed his homeland, advocating for its freedom, and stopping this ideology from ever being implemented in America and elsewhere. Daniel has appeared dozens of times on national TV channels such as Fox News and CNN, written for the USA Today, National Review and other news outlets, and speaks regularly at college campuses and events all over the country. He has received fellowships from the Institute for Humane Studies and the Job Creators Network. In addition to his economic research on immigration and his media appearances, Di Martino founded the Dissident Project to teach high school students about the evils of socialist regimes.