Claire Berlinski, a new contributing editor of City Journal, is an American journalist who lives in Istanbul. She is the author of Menace in Europe: Why the Continent’s Crisis Is America’s, Too and There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters.

Steve Cohen is the publisher of and He is the author of six books, most recently Next Stop Hollywood.

Theodore Dalrymple, a physician, is a contributing editor of City Journal and the Dietrich Weismann Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. His most recent book is Not with a Bang but a Whimper.

Daniel Freedman is the director of policy analysis and communications at the Soufan Group, a strategic-consultancy company.

Nicole Gelinas, a City Journal contributing editor and the Searle Freedom Trust Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is a Chartered Financial Analyst and the author of the forthcoming After the Fall.

George Gilder is the founding director of Gilder Technology Associates, a venture capital fund, and a contributing editor of Forbes. His books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. The newest is The Israel Test.

Andrew Klavan is a City Journal contributing editor and the author of such best-selling novels as Don’t Say a Word and Empire of Lies. His latest book is The Last Thing I Remember.

Heather Mac Donald is a contributing editor of City Journal and the John M. Olin Fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Myron Magnet is City Journal’s editor-at-large and was its editor from 1994 through 2006. He is the author of The Dream and the Nightmare: The Sixties’ Legacy to the Underclass and a recipient of the National Humanities Medal.

Steven Malanga is the senior editor of City Journal and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. He is the author of The New New Left.

John H. McWhorter, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is currently teaching at Columbia University. He is the author of All About the Beat: Why Hip-Hop Can’t Save Black America.

Guy Sorman, a City Journal contributing editor, is the author of numerous books, including the brand-new Economics Does Not Lie.

Jerry Weinberger is a professor of political science at Michigan State University, director of the LeFrak Forum at Michigan State, and an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute. His most recent book is Benjamin Franklin Unmasked.


Michael Knox Beran is a contributing editor of City Journal. Daniel J. Flynn, the author of A Conservative History of the American Left, blogs at André Glucksmann is a French philosopher. His article was translated from the French by Alexis Cornel. Ross Sandler and David Schoenbrod are professors at New York Law School and the coauthors of Democracy by Decree: What Happens When Courts Run Government. Paola Sapienza is an associate professor of finance at Northwestern University. Laura Vanderkam, a New York City–based writer, is the author of Grindhopping: Build a Rewarding Career Without Paying Your Dues. Luigi Zingales is a professor of entrepreneurship and finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Jock is the pseudonym of award-winning British artist Mark Simpson, best known for his comics work on DC/Vertigo’s The Losers. Alberto Mena is the graphics and imaging director of BusinessWeek. Harvey Wang has published five books of photography, including Harvey Wang’s New York. Sonya Sklaroff lives and works in New York City. Her work is held in public and private collections internationally and is shown in galleries in New York, San Francisco, and Paris.


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