Charlotte Allen is a contributing editor of the City Journal. Her articles have also appeared in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, and the New York Observer.

Richard Brookhiser, a senior editor of National Review and a frequent contributor to The New Yorker, is working on a book about George Washington.

David Brooks is deputy editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal Europe, based in Brussels.

Bettie Cadou is a veteran Indianapolis-based journalist. She has written for the Indianapolis Times, the Hammond News, Indianapolis Monthly magazine, and Sports Illustrated.

Clifton Hood is the author of 772 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York. He is working on a history of New York’s political economy from 1664 to the present.

Kay S. Hymowitz has written about children and education for The New Republic, Dissent, the New York Times, and Newsday.

Rita Kramer is a contributing editor of the City Journal and author of numerous books, including At a Tender Age: Violent Youths and Juvenile Justice. She has written for the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, the New York Times Magazine, and The Wilson Quarterly.

Charles Murray is Bradley Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. His book Losing Ground: American Social Policy 1950-1980 was published with the support of the Manhattan Institute in 1984.

Jan Rosenberg, a professor of sociology at Long Island University, works with the Social Sciences Research Council on issues of poverty and unemployment.

Roger Starr is a contributing editor of the City Journal and a former member of the New York Times editorial board. He has also served as New York City’s housing and development administrator.

Julia Vitullo-Martin, a former executive director of the Citizens Housing and Planning Council, is currently finishing a book, The Future of Cities, for the Twentieth Century Fund.

Robert F. Wagner Jr. served in a variety of New York City government posts, including city councilman (1974-1977), chairman of the City Planning Commission (1978-1979), deputy mayor for policy (1979-1984), and president of the Board of Education (1986-1990). At his death in November 1993, he was vice chairman of the polling firm LH Research and chairman of Citizens Union.


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