Brooke Allen has written for the stage, television, and publications including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The European.

Charlotte Allen has written for the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, and Washington City Paper.

Richard Brookhiser is a senior editor at National Review and a frequent contributor to The New Yorker.

Raymond Domanico is director of the Manhattan Institute’s Center for Educational Innovation. He spent eight years as a senior policy analyst in the New York City school system.

Paul Glastris is Midwest correspondent for U.S. News and World Report and a contributing editor of The Washington Monthly.

Nathan Glazer, a member of the City Journal’s editorial board, is a professor of education and sociology at Harvard University.

William Grinker was commissioner of the New York City Human Resources Administration from 1986 through 1989.

Kay S. Hymowitz has written about children and education for The New Republic, Dissent, the New York Times, and Newsday.

Philip Kasinitz is an associate professor of sociology at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate center. He is the author of Caribbean New York: Black Immigrants and the Politics of Race.

John Lukacs is a historian. His most recent book is The End of the Twentieth Century and the End of the Modern Age. His impressions of New York in 1946-1947 are described in his book Confessions of an Original Sinner.

Heather Mac Donald has written for The New Republic, Partisan Review, Commentary, and other magazines.

Jan Rosenberg, a professor of sociology at Long Island University, works with the Social Sciences Research Council on issues of poverty and unemployment.

Dennis Smith is an associate professor of public administration at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service.

Roger Starr is contributing editor of the City Journal and a former member of the New York Times editorial board. He has also served as New York City’s housing and development administrator.

Julia Vitullo-Martin was managing editor of the report of the Commission on the Year 2000 and is now at work with Robert F. Wagner Jr. on a book, The Future of Cities, for the Twentieth Century Fund.

Stephen Berger was executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey from 1985 through 1990 ... Walter Olson, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is the author of The Litigation Explosion: What Happened When America Unleashed the Lawsuit ... Richard Miniter writes regularly for the City Journal on environmental and regulatory issues ... Kenneth Silber is a New York writer ... Richard Ryan is a computer consultant and journalist ... Adam Glick is the editor of Hurrumph!! The Journal of Everything Wrong with the World.


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